RELEASED: 01/01/2002
LABEL: Bright Midnight Archives, Rhino Records
PRODUCER: Bruce Botnick
The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume Two

The Lost Interview Tapes Featuring Jim Morrison Volume Two sono delle interviste condotte da Salli Stevenson registrate il 13 ottobre 1970 nell’ufficio dei Doors situato nel West Hollywood per il Circus Magazine.

Questo documento molto importante contiene le ultime dichiarazioni e discussioni di Jim Morrison del 1970, oltre a questo documento esiste l’ultima intervista catturata su nastro e rilasciata da Jim Morrison nel marzo 1971.


  • About Absolutely Live 3:06
  • Why The Lack Of Practice 1:06
  • Do You Have A Great Big Ego? 1:03
  • How Do You Feel About Being Called The Lizard King? 2:37
  • Do You Believe In Reincarnation? 0:22
  • What Is Your Primary Belief? 0:22
  • What Kind Of Films Did You Make At UCLA? 0:57
  • What Grade Did They Give You? 1:11
  • The Idea For Theatricality In Rock 1:13
  • What Was Your State Of Mind In Miami? 0:53
  • Jim: I Had A Trial 0:47
  • What Did You Do That Evening? 1:51
  • People Say The Doors Have Declined 1:21
  • Pop Idols And Rock Stars 0:48
  • Jim: A Hero Is Someone Who Rebels Against The Facts Of Existence 0:53
  • What Do You Think Of Yourself As A Human Being? 0:35
  • If You Had To Do The Whole Thing Over What Would You Have Done? 1:20
  • What Do You Plan To Do In The Future? 0:42
  • How Is Your Book Doing? 0:33
  • With The Deaths Of Jimi And Janis, Why Do You Think They Burned Themselves Out? 1:43
  • How Do You Think You’ll Die? 1:00
  • What About The State Of America? 1:04
  • What Is The Climate Of America In Your Opinion? 1:09
  • If You Spend Eight Months In Jail, What’s Going To Happen To The Group? 0:52
  • Has It Definitely Been Decided That You’re Going To Jail? 3:02
  • What Was The Isle Of Wight Concert Like? 2:04
  • The Trial, Were You Scared? 4:58
  • What About The Police? 1:34
  • Have You Ever Been Hassled On The Road By The Police? 1:19
  • I Didn’t Know You Have A Sister 0:16
  • How Did Your Fame Affect Your Family? 0:34
  • Have Your Earlier Visualizations For The Group Become A Realization? 1:15
  • Restart The Cassette Machine 0:36
  • Jim: I Like Interviews 2:53
  • The Stooges And Other Groups 2:24
  • Jim: About Love 0:57
  • Jim: John Got Married Sunday 0:58
  • Jim: The Group’s At A Critical Point 0:27
  • Jim: About Interviews 5:42
  • Have You Seen The Company Theatre Play? 0:49
  • How Do You Feel About Plays Written About You? 0:50

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